Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nauticon 2018 will be held at the Provincetown Inn in
Provincetown, Massachusetts from May 18-20.

Nauticon is a re-imagining of the con experience, a "boiling down" if you will, of what makes cons fun to those over the age of 21. So to that end, you may not see some of the things traditionally associated with conventions.

It really IS Not-A-Con as you know it.  This is not a Comic Con or a Science Fiction Con. It's not an Anime Con or a Comic Book Show.  It's not a Celebrity Con or a Pop Culture Con.

We go for real OUT OF THE BOX thinking on this one.

The Artist Colony is a place where you won't see anything you could find at a store in your area, we're going for creators and craftsmen.

The Panels will always be of a nature where the first words out of a presenter's mouth won't be, "Are there any children in the audience?" 'Cause there won't be.

The Events and Entertainments will be a little naughty, but not nasty, a place for you to have a good time and perhaps make a new friend who shares your nerdy.


 Please note that the FAQ is subject to change

What are the hours for Nauticon? Friday from 7pm to Sunday at 2pm, for hours of FUN and FROLIC. Really.

Will I need to bring an ID? You must bring a government issued photo ID, and be ready to have us photocopy it at the registration desk. This is to prevent any problems, and to have accurate information.

Is there a limit for how many people can attend? We have a cap of 900. That's it, no more, none, nada, nyet. (But we've averaged about 300 for 8 years now.)

How do I register for Nauticon? We now have both online and at-door registration available. Please visit our Registration page for more information.

How much does it cost to attend Nauticon? Please visit the Registration page for more information on pricing, rate increase dates and accepted payment types.

Can I register at the door? ABSOLUTELY! But please be aware of the pricing increase at the door. Please visit our Registration page for more information.

What hours will registation be open to get my badge? Friday, 7pm to Midnight. Saturday, 11am to 2pm. Sunday, Noon to Noon-ish.  We also have a registar available at the door of The Big Show and during the closing hour of the convention.

Can I sign up my wife/partner/husband/friend? Yes, but you have to fill in a separate registration form for each person, checking off the appropriate agreement boxes each time. Their full correct name and other information must come with their registration.

Are we allowed to drink alcohol at the con? Absolutely! The hotel bar is open at all legal hours. Their drinks are cheap and plentiful, and any drink purchased from the hotel bar may be carried anywhere within any public space at the hotel. Provincetown ordinances must be followed for alcohol outside the hotel property.

But, are there going to be room parties? Hell yeah! There will be private room parties at all hours! The list is at the registration desk.

How can I be a Guest of Awesome for Nauticon? First, it's important that I let you know what Nauticon isn't: It is not an Anime Convention, it is not a Science Fiction Convention. It is not a large pop culture convention that can absorb high costs, and when we invite a very specific type of guest, it is only with the knowledge that we can rally the fans who will pay to see that guest.

Second, this is what Nauticon is: It is an intimate gathering of no more than 900 fan-friends who want to talk about their favorite nerdy things. And want to learn more about their favorite nerdy things, and maybe find something else that's interesting too. There are entertainments specifically designed to get people gathered together over something that they can talk about, from Boat Trips around Cape Cod Harbor, to attending a Luau on the hotel grounds and beach, from cupcake wars to bacon vs. spam panels, to costume shows and drag queen make-up tips. Behind our panels fun names are diverse, educational and timely subject matters presented by panelists who are educated or experts in their fandom. Nauticon aims to bring panels to our attendees that they cannot find anywhere else. We have food pairings with whiskey, rum and other tastings that tantalize the taste buds and educate the palette. This year, who knows? But we bring in both fans and pros who can provide that kind of information and vibe that make this a weekend long event.

Finally, Nauticon is for the 21+ fan and as such we require that every attendee up to and including the pros to sign a waiver that indemnifies us. We have open parties in a waterside inn which exclusively has our badged attendees in all the rooms. This is a place to meet a friend for life, or a friend for the night. Additionally, we bring in crowd specialists who take care of any problems that may arise from alcohol consumption, or just plain bad luck or medical need.

This is the breakdown for invitations and compensations:

Fan Panelists and Passionate Presenters: Persons who are involved with an aspect of fandom that they want to share. We offer these Panelists an audience to share their passion with, and our support in their endeavor. They are not compensated other than the admiration of their peers and the time on our schedule. They must purchase an attending badge and a hotel room, however we do offer panelists who moderate 3 or more panels or 1 event a comp badge for the following year.

Specialty guests: These persons are invited by the Program Director or Convention Chair and have a particular interest that they have cultivated beyond the hobby level. We offer an comp badge and they present specific panels that are given priority on the convention schedule. They must purchase their own hotel room.

Semi-pro guests: Persons who Nauticon specifically invite because of a particular aspect of their fandom or life that we want to have presented at Nauticon. They get a shared room at the convention hotel, on Cape Cod's famous Provincetown beach area. And an attendees badge which affords them the whole Nauticon experience.

Pro guests: Persons whom we specifically invite to present because of a particular aspect of popular culture or life that we want represented at Nauticon. They get a private room at the convention hotel, transportation, and are named a Guest of Awesome of the convention.

How can I become a part of the Nauticon Crew (known in other circles as Staff)? Here’s what we’ll be able to offer you as a member of the CREW of this Fantastic Gatherings event:

First and most importantly *~-Our Heartfelt and Sincere Thanks-~*

There are two options for you:

1. We'll compensate you to work Nauticon!
2. You'll have a written schedule of your work times on a job.
3. You get 1/4 of a shared room, or you can choose to rent your own room.
4. We supply you breakfast and midnight pizza. You supply your own meals.

1. A voluntary job scheduled and based on the Con Chair and Senior Crew needs.
2. No compensation. No Room provided. Limited access to the Crew Den.
3. 12 Hours work earns you a badge for the next convention.

And available on OPTION 1 and 2:
4. A dead-dog party at the end of the Convention on Sunday, AFTER pack-up. Sometimes it's paid for by you, sometimes by us. Depends on the success of the con.
5. A lot of great experiences that can make your resume look pretty good.
6. Some great fun and laughs.

Safety Walker, Tasting Room Clean-up, Crew Den Clean-up, Event Set-up and Tear-down, Registration Table, Load In-Load Out, Information Desk, GoA Liaison, Panels, Guide.

A. You must be 21+ at the time of the convention.
B. If you want a crew room-share you must be willing to work at least 16 hours of assigned time at specific jobs. Broken up over the 3 days of the convention.
C. You must "friend" the Convention Facebook + the CREW Facebook + read the Website on a regular basis.
D. You must answer emails within three (3) days of their arrival.
E. You must have Fun and Make Good Decisions – Don’t be Stupid!

Still interested? We're accepting applications to the crew, but you need to contact us at and ask for the Crew Application.


~ Nauticon Rules & General Policies ~

The RULES for Nauticon are:
1: HAVE FUN~!!
2: Don't be Stupid.

And to be clear, here is a list of our policies so you can avoid Stupid:

General Policy

Here is our main General Policy in a nutshell: "If it's against the law in Provincetown, it's against the rules of Nauticon. If it's against the law in Massachusetts, it's against the rules of Nauticon. If it's against the law in the United States, it's against the rules of Nauticon." So, if you want to do something stupid and illegal, you won't be doing it here. Right? We have a very good Safety Division. So, please try to be on your best behavior, because these guys really don't want to take your convention badge away from you... which they will, if you are being stupid.

The rest is A-Z so you can find the Nauticon policy more easily:

Adult Membership Only individuals 21 or older may purchase a badge for purposes of entry to the convention.

Artists Colony (artists and dealers) You must be over 21, you have to be registered to sell at the convention, and you must purchase a badge. No table squatting. See more information at the page for Artists Colony.

Autographs Sometimes we have guest celebrities, they will autograph for you. You just have to ask, nicely.

Badges and other Convention Identifiers Badges and other convention identifiers are required to be on your person and in plain sight at all times. If any of these things are lost you will be required to leave the convention or re-purchase at the current prices.

Celebrity Contact For the comfort of our guest celebrities DO NOT ask a celebrity walking in the convention hallways or participating in dinners, dances, entertainments or panels to stop for a photograph or autograph. We want the celebrities we bring to the convention to feel comfortable interacting with you. So, we require that you behave as you would in our home - with dignity and friendliness. If you do not cooperate with this particular policy your badge will be withdrawn and you will be asked to leave the property.

Crew and Staff Those who run Nauticon are hired by the Fantastic Gatherings Corporation. When they are on duty they are doing a specific job that makes this convention great. When they are off duty they are badge holders and have the same rights and responsibilities of all other badge holders: Have Fun, and Don't be Stupid.

Fan Panelist and Entertainers Fan panelists and entertainers are not professionals or celebrities; therefore we do not pay them to participate in Nauticon. We do offer fan panel leaders and entertainment producers the opportunity to earn the following year's convention badge. Fan panelists earn by producing, moderating and participating in at least three (3) scheduled panels. (Fan panelists must be selected by the Program Director.) Fan entertainers earn by preparing and presenting one entertainment that runs at least 2 hours. (Fan entertainers must be selected by the convention leaders with final approval by the convention chairman.)

Panel Leaders: please see our website to present your ideas for panels and to sign up.

Entertainers: please write to to let us know what you would like to present an entertainment.

Harassment Physically and/or verbally harming or endangering another person can be cause for removal from Nauticon. Swiftly report such instances to any Crew member for immediate action. Written reports are taken and decisions made by the Senior Officer on duty. Flirty adult behavior is not considered harmful unless it crosses a personal line that makes the person you're interacting with uncomfortable. They have the right to tell you, "You're making me uncomfortable, go away."
No means No and Cosplay is not Consent and Don't be a Creeper.

Hygiene We are all mature and responsible adults here. Nuff' said

Know your Limits We are all here to have a good time but one bad egg can ruin this for the rest of us. Keep tabs on yourself and your friends. Also vomit and alcohol poisoning is icky...

Parties All parties at Nauticon are considered private parties, and anyone invited into another guest's room is entering at the behest of that Inn room's registered guest. Open parties can be held by individuals, or groups, or the convention itself, but only badge holders for Nauticon may attend these events.

Photo and Video Privacy With the advent of cellphone cameras we know that we cannot stop fans from taking photos and videos of one another and of the guests and celebrities, and we do not have any way of policing what they put on YouTube or their internet photo spaces. So, if you don't want what you're doing at the convention on the internet, don't do it. Our motto is "What happens in P-town, stays in P-town" but we can't truly enforce that. By purchasing a badge you have relinquished your right to privacy within the convention.

Professionals, Panelists and Celebrities We offer comped badges and access to the Crew Kitchen to our professional panelists and celebrities who attend Nauticon. Certain of our professional panelists and celebrities are also offered a room for one or two nights of the convention, depending on their travel needs and our requirements. All professional panelists and celebrities are contracted with our corporation to perform specific functions at specific times during the convention. Professional panelists must have credentials in areas we find interesting and of value to our convention's annual programming. For further information please contact us at

Registration PHOTO ID (Passport, Drivers license, etc.) will be required to be shown by all persons at the Registration Desk when they enter the convention for the first time. Pre-registered persons MUST bring Proof of Identity in order to pick up their badges. If NO Photo ID is available, you can bring in two forms of non-photo ID, i.e. a birth certificate, household bill, or equivalent. IF you cannot produce valid and accepted proof of Identity and Age when you pick up your badge you will be turned away from the convention. If you will not sign the Waiver you will be turned away from the Convention.

Refunds Badge purchases are non-refundable unless the convention is canceled. We will forward your badge to the next year (and only once) if you cannot make it to the convention for any reason. We need you to request this 24 hours in advance in writing (email to .

Volunteers Volunteers must pay for their convention membership and if you work a certain number of hours at the convention in a volunteer position, you will be comped for the following year's convention. You do earn our heartfelt thanks, too.

Waiver You must sign the Waiver when you receive your badge. This gives you no rights to compensation should you do something stupid or should someone do something stupid that results in your being injured. This Waiver is on the website and you agreed to it in advance when you signed up for the convention.

Water Well, you signed the Waiver... don't be stupid. If you don't know how to swim, stay away from it. If you're intoxicated, stay away from it.

Weapons We like costumers and cosplayers and cool things added to costumes. But please, don't be stupid. No real firearms are allowed at the convention at any time, not even if you have a state and city permit. Nor are real edged weapons allowed. Leave that nice shiny sword with the razor sharp blade at home.