Artists Colony

Nauticon 2018 Artists Colony Applications are OPEN!!!

Artists, Makers, Writers, Craftsmen: Nauticon would like you to be part of our upcoming 7th year!

Nauticon isn't your average convention, so is it any wonder that the buying and selling experience at Nauticon won't be what you expected either?

- There is NO Dealers Room at Nauticon, instead we offer the ARTISTS COLONY.

- We showcase as wide a variety of talents as possible, we are looking for self-published authors, skilled crafters & artisans, photographic artists and others who will add to the 21+ vibe of Nauticon. Fan-art must be less than 20% of your sales presentation.

- Nauticon has held constant of +/- 200 members each year. We are advertising and pushing hard to bring in more members, i.e. customers for you, but each artist must help. Tell your friends, use your social networking know-how, and get people to come to Nauticon 2018.

Artists Colony artisans sell at no additional payment to the convention. Artists are responsible for paying for their hotel room (i.e. shop space) and convention badges for all persons in their hotel room.

 Purchasing a convention badge will still be required by all Artists Colony inhabitants.
The all-inclusive badge is for your Friday & Saturday night room and one artist, and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

More people in your room? Each must be 21+ and badged.


The Nauticon Artist Colony is looking those individuals who create their own unique handcrafted items such as: art (limited prints and/or originals), costumes, self-published books and/or music, etched glass, leather works, stained glass, fine arts, etc...

The Nauticon Artist Colony had been a juried show, BUT THIS YEAR Nauticon is a first-come-first-served show and there will be ONLY 14 vendor artists in the colony.

Unsure if you should apply? Then please feel free to inquire by contacting us at


The Nauticon Artists Colony is located on the entire first floor of the Old Inn section of the Provincetown Inn. An artist's “shop” will be based out of their own hotel room; a style of vending that has been successful at many other conventions. These are rooms are numbered 1 through 15 (minus 13, as the old inn builder thought that was an unlucky number).

- Artists set up their “shop” as they see fit (within P-town Inn safety rules).

- Artists set their own “shop” hours. (It will be easier to “close up shop” if they wish to attend panels and events, grab a bite to eat or take in the sites in downtown P-town. They'll also have the ability to “open shop” before Nauticon standard programming hours start at noon, as well as stay open later.)

- Artists are encouraged to put up a 'shop' sign outside their room along with a sampling of merchandise to entice customers inside.


We are again using the same application process as was used last year. PURCHASE your room and badge now. All spaces are first-come-first-served and extremely limited.


Nauticon Artists Colony Room Rates*

Waterview Inn
- w/balcony, and backdoor to the beach, includes FRIDAY and SATURDAY night plus ONE BADGE, check out is extended on SUNDAY -
(plus $10.49 fee)

*Please check the HOTEL page for further information on room amenities and rates

 Badges purchased are non-refundable, but are transferable. The HOTEL ROOM IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

Persons at Nauticon and staying in the P-town Inn must be REGISTERED with Nauticon. No friends may stay in your room who are not also registered with Nauticon.

Artists' Assistants/Roommates MUST purchase badges to attend the convention.

More than one artist can share or “set up shop” in one “shop space”. Each artist taking residence in a "shop space" is advised to fill out the Artists Colony Information sheet provided by your primary Artists Colony "shop space" renter, so that you may be included in our publications and website.


Nauticon Artists Colony has generally received far more application submissions than we've “shop space” for. We want each artist/vendor to get the most opportunity to sell their wares to our limited customer base. Therefore, we limit the number of sellers to ONLY 14 rooms; however, each room may have more than one artist/vendor in residence.


Nauticon, like the convention itself, is always striving to bring in and promote unique, creative and quality.

Nauticon wants all items, designs and merchandise to be of the artist’s and writer’s own creation. We require that the artist's art and designs MOSTLY be composed ORIGINAL creations and designs and NOT entirely of fanart. We want the artists to showcase what THEY can do.

”Shop Space” Display & Decor

Artists are welcomed to rearrange the furniture in their room (within reason and regard for the safety of the room occupants and respecting hotel property) and make use of all surfaces within for displaying their wares. If they require more display surfaces the artists are welcomed and advised to bring in additional shelving, tables and table coverings for displaying their merchandise, within reason, to best suit their needs.

Please note that ALL rearranged furniture within the artist's hotel room/”shop space” MUST be returned to its original location before checking out at the end of the convention weekend. Failure to do so may result in additional fees issued by the hotel, which the artists are responsible for paying.

Artists are allowed to display a “shop” sign outside their room, along with a sampling of their merchandise to entice customers inside. However, the Nauticon Artists Colony Director and Staff members will be monitoring the walking area to assure that it is kept clear to prevent fire hazards.

Signs, décor and samples of the artist's merchandise may be displayed on walls using ONLY PAINTERS TAPE to prevent damage to hotel walls.

Decorative lighting, such as strung holiday lights and other similar décor to help create an atmosphere that will best display the artist's merchandise is welcomed within reason.

Guard against robbery! Your personal hotel room doubles as your “shop space”. Your purse, wallet, and other personal items should be secured out of the site of customers in to peruse and purchase their merchandise.

Copyrighted Materials & Fanart

No bootleg material allowed. No tracing or copying in any manner is allowed. Fanart is allowed, but should not be more than 20% of your merchandise.


There will be ABSOLUTELY NO photography or videotaping of any art -- either specifically or incidentally -- without the artists' express permission.


Artists playing music in their “shop space” is acceptable within reason. Despite having their own “shop”, any report of offense and/or annoyance to their fellow artists and/or customers will not be tolerated. Nauticon Staff will ask the artist to turn the music down or shut it off completely at any time.

All other convention rules do apply - have fun and don't be stupid!


Where and How do I check in?

1. Pick up your Nauticon Convention badge and Artists Colony badge at the Convention Registration Desk.

2. Get your hotel room key(s) at the Hotel Registration desk.

Each person within the hotel room/”shop space” must check in individually, but the first person from a room/”shop space” that checks in will have the room/”shop space” itself marked as checked in.



Abide by the "Copyright, Photography and Fanart" guidelines as established above.

Be polite.

Check in is REQUIRED. Follow the check-in procedures established above.

Artists may not advertise, quote, or charge a price for a commission, work on it, then change their mind and demand more money when the customer returns for it. It's not good business, poor customer service and it's a breaking of faith and verbal contract. If the artists find that they are not charging enough for the work they are doing, they can change their prices accordingly for the next customer who inquires.


1st Offense: WARNING
The artist will be given conditions with which they must comply. (Such as taking away all offending material and putting it out of sight for the duration of the convention, etc.)

If the artist has already been given a warning and they have not complied or have violated another rule, they may be evicted and/or banned from the Artists Colony and asked to leave Nauticon. No refund will be offered on the hotel room or the convention badge(s).

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email the Artists Colony Director

Hope to see you there!

Artists Colony Director - BETTINA M. KURKOSKI