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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the FAQ is subject to change

What are the hours for Nauticon?

Friday from 4pm to Sunday at 4pm. 48 hours of FUN and FROLIC. Really.

Will I need to bring an ID?

You must bring a government issued photo ID, and be ready to have us photocopy it at the registration desk. This is to prevent any problems, and to have accurate information.

Is there a limit for how many people can attend?

We have a cap of 900. That's it, no more, none, nada, nyet.

How do I register for Nauticon?

We now have both online and at-door registration available. Please visit our Registration page for more information.

How much does it cost to attend Nauticon 2013?

Please visit our Registration page for more information on pricing, rate increase dates and accepted payment types.

Can I register at the door?

ABSOLUTELY! But please be aware of the pricing increase at various dates prior to con weekend and at the door. Please visit our Registration page for more information.

What hours will registation be open to get my badge?

Friday, 2pm to Midnight. Saturday, Noon to 8pm. Sunday, Noon to Noon-ish.

Can I sign up my wife/partner/husband/friend?

Yes, but you have to fill in a separate registration form for each person, checking off the appropriate agreement boxes each time. Their full correct name and other information must come with their registration.

Are we allowed to drink alcohol at the con?

Absolutely! There are going to be cash bars open at all legal hours at the convention hotel. Alcohol will be cheap and plentiful. also, any drink purchased from the hotel bars may be carried anywhere within any public space at the hotel. So for example, you could buy a drink, and bring it to that panel or video that you absolutely have to see! Drinks not purchased from the hotel are not allowed outside your room. Provincetown ordinances must be followed for alcohol outside the hotel property.

Are there going to be room parties?

Hell yeah! There will be private room parties after dark, at all hours of the night! So there should be a party to your taste somewhere at the con.

How do we select Guests of Awesome for Nauticon?

First, it's important that I let you know what Nauticon isn't: It is not an Anime Convention, it is not a Science Fiction Convention. It is not a large popculture convention that can absorb high costs, and when we invite a very specific type of guest, it is only with the knowledge that we can rally the fans who will pay to see that guest.

Second, this is what Nauticon is: It is an intimate gathering of no more than 900 fans and friends who want to talk about their favorite nerdy things. And want to learn more about their favorite nerdy things, and maybe find something else that's interesting too. There are entertainments specifically designed to get people gathered together over something that they can talk about, from Boat Trips around Cape Cod Harbor, to attending a Luau on the hotel grounds and beach, from cupcake wars to bacon vs. spam panels, to costume shows and drag queen make-up tips. Behind our panels fun names are diverse, educational and timely subject matters presented by panelists who are educated or experts in their fandom. Nauticon aims to bring panels to our attendees that they cannot find anywhere else. We have food pairings or whiskey, rum and other tastings that tantalize the taste buds and educate the palette. This year, who knows? But we bring in both fans and pros who can provide that kind of information and vibe that make this a weekend long event.

Finally, Nauticon is for the 21+ fan and as such we require that every attendee up to and including the pros to sign a waiver that indemnifies us. We have all night long open parties in a waterside inn which exclusively has our badged attendees in all the rooms. This is a place to meet a friend for life, or a friend for the night. Additionally, we bring in crowd specialists who take care of any problems that may arise from alcohol consumption, or just plain bad luck or medical need.

We hope this information helps you know what to expect from Nauticons Guest Relations.
This is the breakdown for invitations and compensations:

Fan Panelists and Passionate Presenters: Persons who are involved with an aspect of fandom that they want to share. We offer these Panelists an audience to share their passion with, and our support in their endeavor. They are not compensated other than the admiration of their peers and the time on our schedule. They must purchase an attending badge and a hotel room, however we do offer panelists who moderate 3 or more panels a comp badge for the following year.

Specialty guests: These persons are invited by the Program Director or Convention Chair and have a particular interest that they have cultivated beyond the hobby level. We offer an comp badge and they present specific panels that are given priority on the convention schedule. They must purchase their own hotel room.

Semi-pro guests: Persons who we specifically invite because of a particular aspect of their fandom or life that we want to have presented at Nauticon. They get a shared room at the convention hotel, on Cape Cod's famous Provincetown beach area. Galley access for their lunch and dinner needs. And an attendees badge which affords them the whole Nauticon experience, night parties, panels and so forth.

Pro guests: Persons whom we specifically invite to present because of a particular aspect of popular culture or life that we want represented at Nauticon. They get a private room at the convention hotel, transportation, and are named a Guest of Awesome of the convention.

How can I become a part of the Nauticon Crew (known in other circles as Staff)?

Here’s what we’ll be able to offer you as a member of the CREW of this Fantastic Gatherings event:

First and most importantly *~-Our Heartfelt and Sincere Thanks-~*

There are two options for you:

1. We'll pay you to work Nauticon! 8 hours per day. Minimum wage for MA.
    a. You are given your funds at the end of the convention, less any room or food choices
        you make.
2. You'll have a written schedule of your work times on a job.
3. You choose where you'll stay overnight, and if you want to partake in the food offered in the Crew Den.
    a. You will be charged 1/4 for a shared room, or you can choose to rent your own room.
    b. You will be charged for meals in the Crew Den at $5 each, or you can choose to supply your own meals.

1. A voluntary job scheduled and based on the Con Chair and Senior Crew needs.
2. No compensation. No Room provided. Limited access to the Crew Den.
3. 12 Hours work earns you a badge for the next convention.

And available on OPTION 1 and 2:
4. A dead-dog party at the end of the Convention on Sunday, AFTER pack-up.
5. A lot of great experiences that can make your resume look pretty good.
6. Some great fun and laughs.

Safety Walker, Crew Den Clean-up, Crew Den Cooking, Event Set-up and Tear-down, Registration Table, Load In-Load Out, Information Desk, GoA Liaison, Panels Guide.

A. You must be 21+ at the time of the convention.
B. If you want a crew room-share you must be willing to work at least 16 hours of assigned time at specific jobs. Broken up over the 3 days of the convention.
C. You must "friend" the Convention Facebook + the CREW Facebook + read the Website Forums on a regular basis.
D. You must answer emails within three (3) days of their arrival.
E. You must have Fun and Make Good Decisions – Don’t be Stupid!

Still interested? We're accepting applications to the crew, but you need to contact us at information@nauticons.com and ask for the Crew Application.

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